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Wiki Discussions[edit | edit source]

All competencies are up! Home stretch!!


#Wiki DiscussionsWiki Discussions[edit | edit source]

Competency 3B is now up with questions!


#Reading Hour Thursday 14 SeptemberReading Hour Thursday 14 September
[edit | edit source]

ALIA’s Australian Public Library Alliance has been running the annual Reading Hour since 2012, mainly through public and school libraries. This year we are very excited to have the publishers, booksellers and authors involved in a big way. They not only bring energy and enthusiasm to the event, they also bring their incredible networks – celebrity writers, media partners, major businesses, politicians. They are helping us expand the Reading Hour from something that has been almost exclusively about children, into an opportunity for all ages, and they are extending our reach exponentially. You can expect to see coverage in national newspapers and other news channels in the lead up to the day.

So, the Australian Reading Hour will take place on Thursday 14 September. It’s not a fixed time, it’s simply an hour of your choice on that one day. Libraries that have been involved in previous years know that it’s a fun and flexible occasion, which helps raise your profile with the local community, school staff and students, local MPs and others. If you haven’t participated before, please think about being part of the campaign this year. Of course, it’s an obvious one for public and school libraries, but it can also work for academic, TAFE and special libraries – especially as the aim is to make it something for everyone.

If you work outside a library setting, think about running your own Reading Hour event for colleagues, friends, family or with a local community group. Our intention is to encourage people to discover and rediscover the joy of reading. That’s something we can all get behind.


Wiki Discussions[edit | edit source]

The rest of C2 is up and questions are on the wiki :)


New Librarians Symposium 8[edit | edit source]

Last Friday there were many library students and new graduates in Canberra that we at ALIA took full advantage of it! We asked them to recreate the photo of the inaugural meeting of librarians in Canberra in 1937.



Happy winter solstice![edit | edit source]

You will see that Competency 2A is up and the discussion points are on this wiki under Competency 2A.


INCITE[edit | edit source]

Link to INCITE issue from 2013 (you will need to be logged in as a LINC institutional member), see [[1]] and the recording for the topic meeting yesterday is at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/1862911730394255107 have a great weekend!!


Wiki Discussions[edit | edit source]

There was some excellent discussion for the topics of Competency 1A! Thank you to everyone who participated. Discussion points are up for Competency1B under page headings on the right-hand menu.


Let's start with a little fun![edit | edit source]

Tomorrow is National Simultaneous Storytime! How is your library celebrating? Do you have a special author visiting? Keep an eye on the hashtag #nss2017 to see what other libraries around Australia are doing.

NSS 2017 Web page banner 0.jpg


Welcome to the 2017 LINC Tasmania ALIA Public Proficiency Program[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

What you will learn[edit | edit source]

There are four competencies to progress through over the next few months, each one with a theme:

  1. Know your public library context
  2. Understand your public library structure and community
  3. Focus on your collection
  4. Develop information literacy

We have subdivided each competency into smaller topics. We will regularly email you a new topic with supporting information such as links to YouTube videos, blog posts and websites. Participants in this Program will range from those with many years of experience in libraries to relative newcomers. We want to combine your strengths and help you to learn from each other. Each topic is designed to get all of you thinking about issues in a wider sense (eg as it relates to libraries in general or your community), and we then follow up these ideas with questions about how these topics relate to your workplace and the tasks you do each day.

Some tips on getting organised[edit | edit source]

  • create a folder (physical or electronic) to keep your work together
  • find a mentor you can ask for advice or guidance
  • utilise your buddy for mutual motivation and support
  • speak with your manager about having time to work on the PLP
  • try to do reflection as you go along, rather than all at the end